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Originally posted by Daz
It's ironic that the only Pal console I have that is not RGB or can be modified to output RGB is the N64, whereas the NTSC versions CAN be modified to.
Hah, that is funny. But, I don't think even RGB can make a N64 look good! I think you can add the RGB support back in, check out they have some info.

Someday I'll get enough nerve to get a XRGB-2 and a nice large HDTV monitor to play it on. Until then, I'm stuck in S-video hell. At least the modern systems have component video options.

BTW, I've got a good collection of older systems modified for S-video. Including the X-Eye and the 7800 I'm working on now, so at least I'm getting away from RF and composite outputs at least.
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