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Don't ever forget the Saturn! where would I be without it? I mean it's home 2D heaven along with my neo geo!

I have quite a lot of your list but can't be arsed writing them all down (although my second xbox is dead - only reads music so its a big mp3 player atm), but I havn't any backup units - I'm desperate for the NGPC Backup Unit!

The miracle is most of them are hooked up at the same time - and im sick to death of RGB - why can you not have a 5in1 rgb scart that display correctly??! I have to unplug all the other rgb scart leads to get a stable undisturbed picture, and the main culprits? Nintendo - they point blank refuse to have anything plugged in at the same time.

This has turned into a rant, ahem, and whats with the stupid Gamecube powerpack its far........
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