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Ok, can I play!? I like odd items, so here is my small collection. Also, I got rid of most of my older cartridge based consoles because I didn't use them enough.


Amiga 1200
*Amiga 1200 - Blizzard 060/50, SCSI, 2M CHIP/128M FAST, 6G HD, SD/FF (internal), PCMCIA 10bt Ethernet, HD floppy <-- all stuffed in original case
Amiga 3000 - Mercury 040/35, 2M CHIP/40M FAST, (2) 4G SCSI, HD Floppy
Amiga 4000/040
Amiga 600
Commodore 128
*Commodore 64C (2)


Amiga CD32
Atari 7800
Atari XEGS
Goldstar 3DO
*Microsoft Xbox (2, one with OpenXbox and 120G HD)
NEC Core Grafx 2
NeoGeo Cart
NeoGeo CD (top loader)
*NeoGeo CDZ
*Nintendo 64
*Nintendo GameCube
*Nintendo Super Famicom (2)
Nintendo Super Nintendo (2)
Panasonic 3DO (FZ-10)
*Panasonic Q
*Sanyo T.R.Y 3DO
*Sega Dreamcast
Sega Genesis
Sega Genesis 2
Sega Saturn (2, one US, on Japanese White)
*Sony Playstation (2, SCPH-1001, SCPH-7501)
*Sony Playstation 2 (2, one with Linux kit but isn't being used)
*Sony PS One (w/LCD)


NeoGeo Pocket
NeoGeo Pocket Color (3)
Nintendo Gameboy Advanced
Nintendo Gameboy Color
Sega GameGear
Wonderswan Color

Backup Units: (since somebody else mentioned them)

Bung Doctor V64 Jr (512M)
Bung Doctor V64 (256M)
Bung Game Doctor III (32M)
Bung Game Doctor SF6 (64M)
Bung Game Doctor SF7 (64M)
Bung Professor SF2 (128M)
Bung MGD2 (4, 16, and 32M cards, SFC, MD, PCE adapters, dump board, PC link cables, etc.)
FFE Pro Fighter X Turbo (32M, 3-in-1 with SSC, LPT card, DSP)
FFE Magic Drive Plus (16M)
FFE Super Wildcard 2 DX2-64M (with Disk Dual)
Venus Multi Game Hunter (Grey, I sold the black one)

* Means it's currently hooked up and playable. (Gotta love switch boxes)

Edit: Forgot about my Saturn(s) and backup units

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