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Originally Posted by xArtx View Post
I was wondering if it is at all compressed?

ie. Do (older OCS) Amigas do the frequency range a modern hifi can reproduce 20-20,000 Hz or near?
Originally Posted by TheInternet
Models released before Amiga 1200 also have a static "tone knob" type lowpass filter that is enabled regardless of the optional "LED filter". This filter is a 6 dB/oct lowpass filter with cutoff frequency at 5 kHz (some circuit diagrams indicate cutoff frequency at 4.5 kHz, though)
So for older Amigas the answer is no, sound above 4.5khz is cut off, unlike the "power light filter" this can't be disabled.

Amiga 1200 and 4000 doesn't have a lowpass cutoff at 26khz I believe, so with AHI you can have 14bit Hi-Fi quality sound very close to today's modern soundcards. No idea what the low frequency response, SnR and distortion levels are like though. Probably not as good as a decent soundcard.

I spent ages wondering why my A600 sounded so dull compared to my 1200. I even had the capacitors replaced. Then I found out about the cutoff. Doh!

Also see this link
and this one:

As for emulators I don't think WinUAE or any of the PC MOD players sounds exactly a real Amiga. I believe the Amiga's DAC works a little differently to a modern DAC and that maybe why (something to do with being non-linear). Someone with deeper knowledge of Paula will have the answer.

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