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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Final versions are compiled with 2010 because at least 2012 does not fully work with XP (in some setups it crashes at startup, before WinUAE code even runs!) and 2010 creates faster code than 2012 using same optimization settings. (for some reason 2012 [and 2013] are over 10x faster when compiling with max optimization. 2010 compiles really slowly.)

-> 2010 will be used at least until XP becomes unsupported.
Could the crashes-on-some-XP-systems issue actually be due to SSE2 code?

Visual Studio 2012+ generates code which uses SSE2 instructions by default. Perhaps the people who experienced crashes on XP systems had older CPUs that don't support SSE2? And maybe everyone with a newer Windows version has an SSE2-capable CPU? AthlonXP and Pentium III don't support SSE2 for example.

For the Enable Enhanced Instruction Set option (which seems to be "Not Set" in the WinUAE VS solution), the VS 2013 description reads in part "If no option is specified, the compiler will use instructions found on processors that support SSE2. Use of enhanced instructions can be disabled with /arch:IA32."
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