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isn't the price also a big factor of frustration?

If you want to play with os4 you need expensive hardware. Amiga was never a cheap hobby but come on 2500 euro, that's only for a select few of us.

OS4 could run on old PPC hardware, like old mac's etc, but no let's don't do that. That would mean that the average amiga user would have a chance to use os4 in the first place. Let's build another over the top expansive system with a obscure ppc cpu that only a few people are able to buy.

why are some people so surprised that postings like this attract so much resistance?
It's like driving your Ferrari true a middleclass neighborhood and screaming "look what you can't have"

Just port os4 to arm, so everyone can buy a copy and play with it on their beagleboards and PI's

Until then enjoy your exclusive little club
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