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Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
What about your daily computer then? Do you post in the forums with your 3.1 Amiga? Probably you're using peecee, so you cannot follow sorry.
Yes, I'm using a peecee, which is one part of my computer hobby. The other part is classic Amiga (A1200). The OS has little to do with this, and I wouldn't mind seeing it replaced with something new that's written entirely from scratch (yeah, not gonna happen, I know).

One of the reasons I don't post with my Amiga is that browsers for 2.x/3.x are annoying for todays web. They're way behind in features (HTML+CSS combo is a must, at the very least), and they're not well optimized (very extensive optimization is another must), so they're slower than they have to be. Has nothing to do with the OS, of course.
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