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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
Whilst trying desperately to avoid this thread, I feel compelled to make one final post before finally ignoring it.

As an x1000 owner, I can confidently state that the x1000 is not crap.
Crap no, just a dull, highly overpriced and underpowered motherboard with a processor that has left the desktop a long time ago.

Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
As an x1000 user I can also confirm that it is the fastest AmigaOS machine available.
You must be living in another planet then. On planet earth, the fastest AmigaOS machine is some Intel/AMD processor based computer running some form of UAE.

Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
As a sensible adult, I wont get dragged into circular forum threads with those who have never used an x1000, yet continue to insist on comparing apples with oranges.
You are assuming evryone here didnt have an AmigaOne. Only some AmigaOne users and sellers keep comparing apples with oranges (the real Amigas, and these series of PPC motherboards).

It is by no means bad at all, to enjoy and be willing to pay $$$$ for an AmigaOne and OS4, as long as you dont try to force others in claiming "this is a real Amiga", when it is clearly not.

Real Amigas ended production in the 90s. Deal with it.

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