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Originally Posted by Slayer View Post
I don't care if there is not a single track or chip in the modern Amiga board that isn't from the older model of Amiga. Lets move on twenty or so years shall we what chip or track from the past would benefit us now? The Amiga was always going to evolve. This for me is a very moot point.
"Chips and tracks" have nothing to do with it. It is a matter of basic hardware architecture, of instruction sets and memory maps.

Modern PC's are using the same as they did in 1981, just with stuff added.

This so called "Amiga", is just a old PC from 2005 with a PPC and weird bios. It even uses IBM Text mode at boot time!

Originally Posted by Slayer View Post
Eek don't get me started on these imitation OSs. There are NO flavours and there are NO camps. They are concepts created by the developers of these imitation OSs that people eventually accepted. Not me though, merely by existing they are disrespectful of AmigaOS and Amiga. There is however nothing I can do about it so like everything I can't do anything about I forget it.
Both MorphOS and AROS started development before OS4 was even announced.

MorphOS was developed by the people who created the PPC Amiga hardware.

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