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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
The problem is that you are denying afew simple facts: OS4 is not a direct descendant of AmigaOS. It is just a port to another unrelated platform that a gaming company did with the sources they managed to get (they didnt get the entire 3.9 sources by the way), and then, they heavily modified it to suit their needs at the expense of compatibility (which is very important if you dont have good native PPC apps).
You have to decide for yourself don't you when something comes along that tweaks your interest. For me enough of the concerns were addressed and answered. I didn't really have that many concerns because I want a vehicle for my continuing interest in AmigaOS. I'm not sure about the exact details of the sources so I'll rather not comment but I have a feeling there is more too it. First you support then comes the software, you have to start somewhere.

The other thing, is the hardware: The AmigaOne series has absolutely no relation whatsoever to what the Amiga hardware ever was, not even conceptually speaking.
I don't care if there is not a single track or chip in the modern Amiga board that isn't from the older model of Amiga. Lets move on twenty or so years shall we what chip or track from the past would benefit us now? The Amiga was always going to evolve. This for me is a very moot point. This is what drives the mentality of that certain faction in the Amiga community that believe there is no Amiga after the commodore line. This just enables them to not spend money on new hardware and to bond with the past completely.

I believe more than half of the problems AmigaOne users face are due to the marketing tactics of these companies trying to revive an extinct dodo (the Amiga), to make some quick buck, and then it gets worse when they delude users in that they are buying a real Amiga when they arent. They should follow a more honest path like MorphOS and AROS people do.
I didn't get a SAM or an Amigaone X1000 because someones flash marketing. I got it because it ran AmigaOS. I want a faster AmigaOS machine. I now have an X1000 with a Radeon 7970HD in it, I don't even think some PC users have that kind of graphic card in there gaming PC. It's a thrill to have access to modern hardware and the speed of AmigaOS.

Eek don't get me started on these imitation OSs. There are NO flavours and there are NO camps. They are concepts created by the developers of these imitation OSs that people eventually accepted. Not me though, merely by existing they are disrespectful of AmigaOS and Amiga. There is however nothing I can do about it so like everything I can't do anything about I forget it.

There is also one VERY BIG difference between me and some MorphOS and AROS users. You will never see me post in a MorphOS thread or an AROS thread condemning there actions or trying to show them up or misrepresent them or promote AmigaOS4.x as the better choice. I am indifferent and I keep away. Likewise with the older models, I don't enter threads on EAB for example and say "hey! a faster SAM or AmigaOne X1000 will provide a solution for what you're trying to do here!" Modern AmigaOS deserves this as well but as you see in this thread it doesn't happen. People have to condemn yet again. What gives there voice more weight? It's only there narrow minded opinion. There dreams are at a dead end, they got off the ride, perhaps they had no passion in the start just wowed at the potential of the Amiga. Why do they harass people who simply want to enjoy a continuation. They can believe what they want but it's there own perception. There are a couple in particular that are very self righteous and one day they are going to get theres, no one can go on for so long with such a hateful overview and not have karma kick there butt eventually.

Look, Trevor seems to be a nice guy, but then he is indeed not selling/manufacturing/designing Amigas, just simple PPC motherboards.
What would you have on a modern Amiga MB? You seem just like the rest, you simply do not want to call this hardware Amiga.

I am biased because I believe what Trevor is doing is exactly what I'd do. You have to start somewhere and he has the passion to drive it, nothing like this would work or even start without passion.

I hope you understand I'm not trying to convert you or educate you I am just trying to show that my perception is just as good as yours and all I want to do is be positive about what I like to do without viewing the same repeated BS in everyone of our threads!

There are hundreds of threads on EAB please let those interested in AmigaOS4.x read and post in threads that are positive than tainted with views of people who don't appreciate its existence.

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