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and 1 more thing why make a new os like os4. 1 2 3 4 , for ppc when ppc is pretty much dead even apple relised that fact.

if they ported the os4 to intel well now then fun would begin they would have more users and more developers and probably in the end could compete with Microsoft .

obviously they have small minds and only want a select few buying old slow ppc machines ,lets face it ppc is dead thank good .

unless its on a real cheap say 120 pounds motherboard I wouldn't buy 1 , I spend thousands on my pc because I have lots of software to play with this is the deciding factor of any machine , hence why mobile devices have rises so fast beause they all have lots of software that's fun and works.

what does os4 have ,ohh yea os4 ,it isn't enough in todays world.

if they don't use my knowledge they will die very soon.

the classic amiga will always be the best as it has tons of great software.

and its a real machine not an emulator.

and if you want mass market you go with whats out there , intel core.

but they wont listen and these same old threads will pop up from time to time.

and its boring now.

so im going to play with my lovly sexy 4000 and im going to twiddle with its floppy flap um yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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