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Originally Posted by klx300r View Post
+1, I love using my favourite OS as my main computer at home along side my classics. Kudos to ACube & A-Eon for giving us a choice of hardware today as it's just amazing seeing OS4.1 moving up steadily to 4.2. Lots of stuff happening with the modern AmigaOS and classic stuff so lots to be happy about being an Amiga user today
But they've not given us a choice of hardware. Instead they locked the OS to these weird low volume, high cost motherboards.

See the biggest problem is the OS4 camp can't decide what they want to be.

It's not a retrocomputer, because the hardware is completely different.

It's not a Modern system, because all the hardware is something in performance and specification from 5-10 years ago, at prices higher than 5-10 years ago.

It's not even a hobby hacker system. Nobody is breaking out breadboards for this, the only thing X does is cost money. And the demo people either left or stuck to AGA Amigas.
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