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The problem is that you are denying afew simple facts: OS4 is not a direct descendant of AmigaOS. It is just a port to another unrelated platform that a gaming company did with the sources they managed to get (they didnt get the entire 3.9 sources by the way), and then, they heavily modified it to suit their needs at the expense of compatibility (which is very important if you dont have good native PPC apps).

The other thing, is the hardware: The AmigaOne series has absolutely no relation whatsoever to what the Amiga hardware ever was, not even conceptually speaking.

I believe more than half of the problems AmigaOne users face are due to the marketing tactics of these companies trying to revive an extinct dodo (the Amiga), to make some quick buck, and then it gets worse when they delude users in that they are buying a real Amiga when they arent. They should follow a more honest path like MorphOS and AROS people do.

Look, Trevor seems to be a nice guy, but then he is indeed not selling/manufacturing/designing Amigas, just simple PPC motherboards.
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