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Originally Posted by imigger View Post
I would have 1 if they ported everything over to work on the new spec so its as good but faster ,im not saying there crap I just think its a lot of money for hardly any new software.

if they kept making advances in the paint programs with all that new speed and video editing with all that speed , everyone would go and get 1 ,because theyamiga was the video titler of the world at 1 point, and babalon5 was made on amigas , the power of lightwave and imagine cinema, it was all awesome.

but how many software developers are there now for the new machines come on give me a clue , and I mean giants that are going to produce decent quality software..

I would love to know.

why buy a machine that's not going to get super doper new paint programs as good as photoshop , if you look back in time the amiga ruled in all these areas.
The thing is I've been with the Amiga since day one and I for one have never understood the concern with backwards compatiability especially with a new starting point like the new AmigaOne X1000.

All it proves is the OS should have evolved earlier but was always held back by people who wanted there few thousands of dollars to last them a life time. This is a stupid anchor point which infects just about everything today. Sure, standards can't just keep changing every couple of years but they can certainly change after say 5 since technology just evolves so damn fast.

The other thing is you and many like you condemn the machine simply because it is not providing YOU with a strong enough selling point. How the HELL is it ever going to change unless people support it? If you can't see the future WHY speak out against it? Most of us are smart enough to know what we are buying. But we buy it anyway and it's not because it does this or does that it's because it is an interest and it's a great feeling to have an interest that you enjoy and you want to get involved in and love to be part of.

The X1000 and the future is an awesome place to look into.

What are your alternatives? Be a content computer user and find your distractions elsewhere, cars? horses? stamp collecting or Art? How much money do people invest in these hobbies or interests? What's the harm in having a geeky interest like a custom AmigaOS MB/Software solution?

I absolutely love getting new hardware and the fact that it is tailor made to run AmigaOS is just simply amazing in this day and age and the future is even better.

If Trevor and his unique business partners eventually run out of steam in the distant future I am going to still be a very happy user of the NG Amigas for the rest of my life as I was a very happy user running my A4000 and 3.5/3.9 right up until the first SAM came out...I always really believed AmigaOS was too important and too special to die out like that (when things just stopped for the longest time) and I just knew someone at some stage would do something...

Well, it's happened and its time for people to realise this isn't an overnight wonder and it's not going to fail tommorrow. So either please join the cause or at least please just have the decency to respectfully remain quiet, whatever will be will be... We certainly don't deserve the negative scrutiny we are so constantly bombarded with...

Hey! I actually posted instead of cutting it out and saving it to a file for later viewing by myself
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