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3D probably won't become retro, rather the older games with the less fancy effects will. Some games just look dated compared to more recent stuff. Although gameplay is another matter... graphics don't make gameplay.

I still like to play Doom occasionally. It's a simple concept, not too many puzzles and lots of movement and critical timing. Most arcade games share the last two characteristics, and the human psyche seems be drawn to that sort of thing. Let's face it, most of the popular sports involve the same sort of thing. It's not the only thing, but the dearth of 'shoote em up games' over the decades, 2D or 3D confirms it.

Anyhow, I love 3D FPS games. I hate adventure games and platformers, but I like silly puzzle games like Boxworld and even minesweeper.

Each to their own, as long as you enjoy it and don't hurt anybody else in the process.

How about a "cruelty to sprites" campaign?

"A sprite is for life, not just for Christmas!"

"Don't persecute polygons... they have rights too!"

I don't think many of the 3d games of the last few years follow the Doom premise exactly. The closest would be Seious Sam, which I found to be "Doom but with great graphics". Most just don't have that same frantic pace that Doom had. I still enjoy them for what they are. Just like millions of other people.
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