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I would have 1 if they ported everything over to work on the new spec so its as good but faster ,im not saying there crap I just think its a lot of money for hardly any new software.

if they kept making advances in the paint programs with all that new speed and video editing with all that speed , everyone would go and get 1 ,because theyamiga was the video titler of the world at 1 point, and babalon5 was made on amigas , the power of lightwave and imagine cinema, it was all awesome.

but how many software developers are there now for the new machines come on give me a clue , and I mean giants that are going to produce decent quality software..

I would love to know.

why buy a machine that's not going to get super doper new paint programs as good as photoshop , if you look back in time the amiga ruled in all these areas.
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