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I linked the product page on Vesalia just so you could see when it comes in stock. I will add product pages as they are created, f.ex. on Amigakit.

The hardware specifications haven't changed for quite a while, and the ones in my article are correct.

The Vesalia one is also correct, and it's simply a matter of approach.

In my review, I only write about the features I tested. I haven't tested it even with an ACA1220 nor another A1200 accelerator, so I simply say what the connector is made for.

Vesalia may share only support for the things they are prepared to guarantee will work, when in fact the card may support more than the ACA12xx accelerators.

The 10 in the chip number is not a reference to 68010, and we should all be glad it isn't

Certainly the fast 68000 makes it a compatible mini-accelerator already that will make a lot of people happy.

As for further acceleration, I think people will immediately try the card they happen to have with it and complain, ask for help, or brag here quite automatically once the card is released
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