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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
Yeah, you're right. I should have kept my big mouth shut, but of course I didn't I do it time and time again about exactly the same topic
Seems, you jumped the gun. Remember alot of english words / sayings have more than one meaning. Hence its the hardest language to learn or one of (best not mention any facts, ).

I often use "FACT IS". Doesn't mean Im saying its factual.
You could have just asked instead of steaming in.

Now lets get factual,
FACT IS, I agree with alot of classic people as I am a classic person at heart.

Could throw in another FACT, you have never used the machine, yet you comment like you own one and hate it.

I do personally think the X1000 is a nice machine (HARDWARE WISE), as I have setup every single X1000 sold. I think the machine looks stunning, trying to keep with true classic look.

Nice to see another thread is destroyed.
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