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Originally Posted by phx View Post
Donations are not necessary. We did it just for fun. And also do not expect too much from it, as long as you haven't played it.

A boxed version would mean some extra work for us and also a financial risk, because we have to produce them in advance to get an acceptable price. We will think about it.

The ADF is not in DOS format. It is a real retro production, like it would have been done in the early 90s. But I'm sure that Stringray will be happy to provide a WHDLoad version a few days after the release.

BTW, I didn't create the game alone. At least half of the work should be credited to my brother, who did all the graphics, music and level design.
If you are not accepting donations, then I think you should release it as charity-ware - asking people to donate to a charity of their choice!
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