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To expand on Turks pointers...

The emulator uses .adf files but only uncompressed (no .zip, no .gz and no .dms). There must be a folder in the root of the dirctory called disks and it's here where the .adf's go.

The media folder you don't have to change.

The roms folder refers to the Amiga's kickstart roms.

The default.xbe is the actual emulator program.

The default.uae is the emulators config file.


.....all your disk images.adf (Max of about 4000)

The default.uae file can be edited using any text editor.

If you want to emulate an A1200 then rename default.uae to default.uae.bak and then rename default.uae.aga to default.uae
You can't emulate both systems using the same disk. Only one set-up per disk!

Use a program like xISO or ISOmaker to create an xBox disk image.

Boot the disk on the xBox. You should see the Amiga boot screen now with the Amiga power indicator and the four drive indicators in the bottom right of your screen.

To enter the menu press the start button. This is what you'll see...

Insert Floppy
Reset Amiga
Map Keys
Simulate Keypress
Load State
Save State

Highlight options using the D-Pad and press A. Adjust as per your requirements. To return to the main menu press B.

Highlight insert floppy and press A.

Insert disk in df0:
Insert disk in df1:
Insert disk in df2:
Insert disk in df3:
Nb of floppies: 1

Highlight the Insert disk in df0: and press A. You will now be presented with a list of all those great Amiga games and stuff you placed into the disks folder. Use the dpad or the left and right trigger buttons to scroll through. Press A to select a disk image.

If you want to use more than 1 floppy drive then you have to change the Nb of floppies option.

When you have selected your disk(s) then press B. Press B again and the disk should now load.

You can return to the main menu at any time by pressing start. The emulated amiga will expect you to press a few keys everynow and then so just press Start, select simulate keypress and then scroll to the required keyboard key. Alternatively if you know a game or app uses a keypress frequently then you can map any keyboard key to upto 5 xBox pad buttons.

During emulation, the pad behaves like so...

Control mouse > Left thumbstick
Left mouse button > B
Right mouse button > X

Control Joystick - D-Pad
Fire button > A

Definable keys
White, Black, Right trigger, Left trigger, Y

Hope this info helps!

BTW, it is better if you can copy over the files to your xBox hard-drive (disks load that bit faster!) but it runs fine just running straight from disk.
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