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John Twiddy reply:

Dear friends and fans of Putty Squad Amiga.

In a recent interview with Retro Gamer, Mark Cale, the CEO of System 3 revealed our plans to deliver a pre-order bonus for fans of Putty Squad; the original in the form of the unreleased Amiga ve...rsion on an Amiga disk. We were excited about the possibility of finally releasing the game for a system we loved dearly.

However, sometimes, even the best plans have to change, even if you don’t want them to. Due to a number of factors, we discovered we wouldn’t be able to deliver the original Amiga version, and for this, we’re truly sorry.

We could have overcome the lack of retail support for the Amiga version as part of a collector’s edition, as well as the price of the disks. The biggest stumbling block was the mastering process itself.

When the original idea of releasing the Amiga version on disk was put forward, we believed it would be a relatively simple matter of running the original mastering process with the old Amiga 1200 and hard disk. When it came to it however, whilst we have all the original Amiga 68000 source code and all the mastering files, we did not have the crucial component to save to disk nor the current expertise to substitute this process to create more modern equivalent file formats.

The good news, though, is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We knew Putty had an incredible fan base, but even we were surprised by the passion of the community. What surprised us more, were the offers of help and assistance. Where we weren’t able to master and compile the game, we had a stream of offers to help us do so, and we’re humbled by this response.

Because of your incredible passion and these offers of assistance, we’re now directly engaged with community members to try to finally get Putty Squad out on the Amiga. While we’re being cautious to not promise when or what form it will take, we’ll do our very best to make it happen.

We’re meeting with various community members over the coming days, and we’ll update you by December 6th to let you know how things have progressed. Thank you again for your patience and your understanding, and keep your fingers crossed!


John Twiddy
System 3

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