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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
No but I am not going to bother with demos that may or may need something else than basic A500 or basic A1200 configs.
Well, if may say, dont you think that for someone who volunteer every day in last 10 weeks, working hard on verifying/testing huge numbers of very boring OCS/ECS demos/intros, is always very demotivating if hears words: "I am not going to", "I dont care" or similar.

The only thing that motivates to continue is if there is a clear common goal ... otherwise there would be no sense to continue to work.
(I would never want to be forcing anyone to be doing something that he would not normally want to do.)

So, lets clarify then what "basic" configs would be acceptable for verifying demos in future:

for Model A1200 there already exist "basic non-expanded" configuration ...

but for Model A500 there are more configs and no one is called basic, so all configs are (potentially) acceptable?!

And for Models A500+, A600, A1000 no need to bother with, right?

But unfortunately nowhere has mentioned for what Amiga configs a demo is made ... it could be very frustrating.
Perhaps to limit the years of demos acceptable for testing on A500 or A1200 models could be a better way.
like: Models A500 all demos/intros from 198x till 1993 ...and Model A1200 all demos/intros of 199x ?!

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