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Wow, another ship storm brewing.

Maybe a little rant... hehe...

@ Thorham - I fully agree with everything you said. I can run MacOSX on my PC, using real hardware, but that doesn't make my PC a Mac (thank god!). This new machine is almost 'Amiga in name only'; its doesnt have anything Amiga specific at hardware level; not even the ability to plug in an original 880k DD drive and play disk games. E-UAE may be as perfect as WinUAE but it does not make the machine an Amiga, just as Ferrari tyres on a Ford Escort doesnt make it a Ferrari.

Secondly, I've seen OS4 and thought it was not much of an upgrade from OS3.9 except for a few extra tools and mac-like features. I certainly wouldn't upgrade to have it. Now if they make AOS 4.3 68k compatable, then certainly I would check it out in Winuae and have a super fast OS, but I wouldn't buy an expensive new machine just to find out.

I have an i7 3770k with 8 cores - which I need for heavy-duty video editing. Does the X1000 excel at video editing like the videotoaster card? Can it do multi-channel streaming of live footage with gfx overlays like the analogue hardware could do on the old Zorro machines? Can you compose music on it using Trackers or Composers? Can you draw and animate with DPaint or an equivalent? No. None of those three original Amiga top-selling points are covered on the X1000; which makes it just an adding machine / a basic word processor.

With the Minimig and stuff out there which is much cheaper and more closely related to actual Amiga hardware, I'd personally go with that.

Just my opinion.

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