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The point of the post you quoted was to show that it's an opinion that an X1000 is a nice machine, not a fact as the poster I replied to claimed.

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Have you used an X1000? It is the fastest computer system ever that runs AmigaOS natively.
No, I haven't, because I'm not interested in AOS 4.

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Do you realise the amount of money that it took to develop the AmigaOne X1000 computer?
Yes, I realize that.

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The X1000 was created for the sole purpose of running the Amiga's OS and applications. It has everything to do with modern Amiga computing.
In my opinion it hasn't. It has to do with AmigaOs based computing. Amiga and AmigaOs/derivatives are two separate platforms. One is hardware based, the other software based. Amiga doesn't equal AmigaOs. Like I said, you don't have to run AmigaOs on an Amiga, and you don't need an Amiga to run AmigaOs. That's why they're two different platforms.
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