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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Liquid-Glenz (Demo) by Maniacs

Some glitches appears on A500 ECS 1mb (pic.1)! (Seems it doesnt appears on A500+ 1mb!)

Note: Press RMB to go on mentioned part!
Don't see glitches on A500.

Lovely Bubbly (Demo) by Maniacs

pic.2 ... small errors/instabilities on scroller text!
A500 confirmed.

Profound (Demo) by Maniacs

pic.3 ... same on a real A500?
Yes, probably usual vector calculation inaccuracies.

Who the F*ck ... (Demo) by Maniacs

pic.4 ... glitches in small window on letter "M" rotation?!
Yes and it crashes soon after. (These kind of demos are annoying, they should just say "68020+" needed, or AGA needed or whatever instead of appearing to work)

Holocube (Intro) by Maniacs

This might be interesting: On A1200 basic works fine ... on A500+ 2mb chip CPU 68000 works fine for cca. 15 sec and then stops (on CPU 68020 seems no problem)?!
This is far from interesting (see below). Maybe later, if I bother to reconnect my A500+..

A500 + 1M chip: garbage appears. Probably does not wait for the blitter which causes semi-random problems.

Pacific BBS (Intro) by Maniacs

When it changes on 2nd screen after a while got an "Exception 3" message ... but not with 68020!
Yes, 68020+ only. (68020 can access words and longs from odd address, 68000/010 can't and cause exception 3)

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
So, even not interested to see how it works on A500 ECS 1mb !!!

Is that the end of the show?
No but I am not going to bother with demos that may or may need something else than basic A500 or basic A1200 configs.
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