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Just to resurrect this thread a bit
That's how Wolf3D is working on ATARI ST (MC68000 @ 8 MHz):
[ Show youtube player ]

And on Atari Falcon (MC68030 @ 16 MHz):
[ Show youtube player ]

I've tested it on my own and it's playable on STE (8 MHz) and very smooth on TT030 (32 MHz). Okay, it's 32 colours only, but still a fully playable Wolf 3D.
Information page:

I don't mean any harm and I'm grateful for AmiWolf, but it just makes me wonder why it's playable on the likes of PC AT 16 MHz, even 8 MHz ATARIs and isn't as quick as it should on 030@50MHz Amiga, even considering need for C2P conversion it should fly (DoomAttack and AmiDoom do fly considering 030@50 MHz speed)

Programming language maybe (C vs assembler)?

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