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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
if the missus is like mine, you're gonna be busy for a long time lol
kipper there you are! answer your emails eh

Originally Posted by imigger View Post
save this utter nonsense for amigaworld ,this is the real amiga forum .

and considering how the world is going at the moment with very few people with money to burn , I think it will be dead before it even starts , worse to come soon as inflation wil take hold and that will bring even more unemployed and heartache and pain to millions.

I had sam ppc I thought it was utter crap sold it and brought a nice 4000 which I still love and have sex with every night.
LOL that's what they said about the X1000 and A-Eon sold more than enough to fund it's successor. Trevor is a smart business man and always said that if the X1000 was a success (financially that is) then more products would show up & he's kept his promises so far

for what it's worth, I have an X1000 and A1000 and A1200( soon to be 060) and wouldn't get rid of either of them. For the other part let's just say I've got my real Amiga for that

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