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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
EDIT: Is it possible to DL test versions of beta 7 till beta 8 version?
No. Only official beta executable and sources are stored. I'll do some test versions later this week.

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Handshake Slideshow v1.0 Intro by Goonies 2041

A500 KS1.2 512kb ... Some glitches on scrolling text on CE (pic.1)!
Same on real A500 and A1000, glitches are not 100% identical but very similar. (Does not really make sense, this is really old, only A500 OCS or A1000 existed and it only works with A500 KS 1.2, 33.180, A1000 KS 1.2 33.166 won't also work)

btw, this is OCS only, top logo is garbage on ECS, yet another demo that sets ECS display bits and triggers the bitplane ending too late bug.

Intryx Are The Besteur (Demo) by Hemoroids

Weird! (pic.2) ... maybe the file is damaged!
Same on real A500. Probably damaged.
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