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Originally posted by Akira
Forget about movies, BTTF fanboi .
Our world is 4 dimensional.
Width, height, depth and time are the four magnitudes that supposedly compose our world.

Anyway, the eye can just represent graphically the first three, and nothing else. So there's no other way to "show" things to your brain.

Only possible option I could think of that might involve the 4th dimension would be a direct man-machine interface, where the machine stimulates our sense of time also. But i'm getting fucked up in the brain with these ideas, and no, I have no narcotics near me at the moment
Well there is also the sence of touch, smell, and hearing.

3d audio was tried by aureal and it worked great (fuck creative labs and their echoing crap). More should be done in this area.

One day we might have an oder generator connected to a computer so when you walk into a dungeon you smell the rotting decay and stench along with the humidity and unreal animal smells (this would give a bigger boost to the game then hearing I think)

And as far as touch goes a body suit that interacts with the computer would really be cool (forget about the porn aspect for a minute). Playing alone in the dark and having a zombie tap you on the back would scare the hell out of you. Or playing Quake 9 when somebody shoots you with the shotgun it stings!

Add these 3 things and instead of sitting in front of a monitor you could be in a large warehouse with 3d surround holographic image while your playing in the game.

This probably wont ever happen, not because of technology but because if it was too real it would be 100% addicting plus the fact people would end up having heart attacks if the game was too scary.
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