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Well, a year on from my last contribution to this thread and there's still nothing to match the Pandora.

I got myself a shiny new Nexus 7 last month and tried the port of UAE4All on it - no offense to the guy who ported it, but it's awful on a touchscreen. Modifying the UI to utilise touch better might help, but even then there's the problem of having to cover the screen with your thumbs when controlling a game... Not good.

The Pandora is still king of the emulators, I'm afraid. It's also down in price nowadays, but still expensive - but people are still buying them so it must be worth it

The hardware really is outdated now but even so, the desktop experience is still as smooth as it ever was and the emulators still run well - and DS emulation is in now, and is wonderful also.

And the new updates to UAE4All are just sublime.

Still not seeing a need for a Pandora2, with updated hardware - aside from DC emulation (which I'm not interested in) there's nothing it can't do already.

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