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Wood could be used quite easily:

Avoid MDF though, it's evil poisonous nasty stuff. Plywood is much better.

I'm sketching out some ideas for a basic 600/1200 unit like this. something that could be nice and small, hold your hard disks, PSU, ACA card, joystick/mouse switcher, etc, in as small a case as possible. No busboards, but with enough room that you could install just about anything else (Subway usb or whatever else) over time, if you wanted.

I would be happy to post the plans when finished, or maybe even a small production run. It would be a nice to have a small, good looking machine in between basic 020 wedges and ££££ RTG towers.

I suppose, even, with things like the ACA500, and kipper's ram/cf board, that even an Amiga 500 version could be worthwhile. It would certainly be cheaper, you could reuse the keyboard.

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