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Originally Posted by mihcael View Post
is there any way a 180 degree (u-bend) adapter could be used to fit imside the 500 case?
The ACA500 is *designed* to be external, and I would not recommend to put the card inside of the computer, because it's more than just "not practical" is the CF card slots are inside.
Originally Posted by bubbob42 View Post
there's a jumper on the board, that'll disable the card. I connected a switch to it, since you cannot set it without removing the card, at least on my model - dunno if Jens already changed it.
The jumper is still on the bottom side of the card, and it only disables the startup-ROM, memory and IDE. It does NOT disable the CPU, so it still runs at 14MHz. However, with only chipmem and Kickstart (both running at 7MHz), the performance should be only a few percent above the stock A500. Note that the 68000 CPU does not have any caches, and only instructions with lots of execution cycles will run faster.

Originally Posted by amigoun View Post
Will there be possibility to use Action Replay ROM like in Minimig?
Nope, no Action Replay emulation in the hardware. However, there's hardware support for moving the VBR to fastmem, and that enables you to put the machine language monitor of your choice into memory and point the NMI vector to it. Since VBR is in a non-standard space (even outside the available memory space), no software can change these vectors. Just add an NMI button, and you are already very close to a freezer function.

The VBR-move feature is already supported in a special version of WHDload, so the quit key will always work. No reboot required if you want to load the next game!

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