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Hack Fish disk 62
Larn Fish disk 63
Moria Fish disk 194
HackLite v1 Fish disk 187
HackLite v2 Fish disk 799
HackLite v2.1 it seems a later version is also on Aminet
AmiOmega Fish disk 320, Fish disk 528 and latest(?) v1.61 "Omega is similar to hack or rogue, but is much more complex. There is a city, several towns, a wilderness, lots of dungeons, a multitude of monsters, lots of spells, magic items, etc. There are several quests to complete."
Omega another later/different version?

If you have trouble fitting everything on a single (bootable) floppy disk, look into using a compressor like Imploder to reduce the size of the program. And if compatibility with Kickstart 1.x doesn't matter, format the disk as FFS.
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