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Originally Posted by mihcael View Post

Unmod that thing quick, i want to read that article!
Hehehe. Oooh, the controversy... at least if the chinese whispers are correct.

Originally Posted by FOL View Post
(Re: U-bend Zorro.) Cant see why not. Ill have to check.
The connectors must be hole mounted on a PCB which mirrors the traces, and it's a VERY tight fit - in order to not have to make a cutout in the case and have the thing sticking out a little bit... And the side expansion cover would probably hit the bottom of the lower connector, no matter what you do.

Originally Posted by _ThEcRoW View Post
I want one!!!!. What's the expected price?. My 500 will be soooo happy...
I will leave this to be answered by retailers or Jens for now.

Originally Posted by bubbob42 View Post
Nice article, only one thing:

there's a jumper on the board, that'll disable the card. I connected a switch to it, since you cannot set it without removing the card, at least on my model - dunno if Jens already changed it.
Yes. So for developing on the A500, you can have a fast compiler/assembler computer, but to check that time-critical code performs correctly on unexpanded A500 you must put it on a floppy and switch off the ACA500. It's only for checking game or demo framerate of course, but it's a bit of a drawback from my A500-040 where I can switch off the 68040 and reboot to harddisk and run it.

Originally Posted by majsta View Post
I must say that I m disappointed in all of this, only looks nice. Without any talk or discussion and within few days of work kipper2k created much better device. From serious company this is only drawback.
kipper2k's card looks nice and will also "enable" many A500s to get harddisk and RAM for more usability. And it's internal, which is a plus, but you have to open your A500 to transfer files, but I think you will have to leave your A500 case without screws to use it for file transfer, really!

So in that way it's a litte less usable. But I think he had an add-on card to move the CF slot near the case edge, so you can make a cut-out in the case? Or did I dream it

And it's not very usable with WHDLoad, but I don't mind floppy games either. But I've ordered two of his too, so

ACA500 makes the A500 really fast and working with ClassicWB and WHDload for normal users, while having great compatibility and lots of goodies and options for advanced users.
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