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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
No glitches on A500. Code is horribly unoptimized, there is no need to save and load all values to/from memory, 68000 has lots of registers..
Well, in my opinion, code is optimized or not = who cares.

Only what is important should be = "Does it happens on a real A500." ... right ?!

p.s. There is no excuse for "bad emulation"!

EDIT: Regarding the "bad emulation" ... it was a joke.
The current emulation is indeed not bad at all ...
Then its quite opposite, every day it becomes better and better = it becomes now very hard to find any new problem ...
So that each new problem has no need to be considered irrelevant = it could be of use to improve/optimize the emulation even a bit more if possible.

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