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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
So what it lacks is more fast ram and a case for it?
The fast can be solved with an ACA, and about the case I have the idea that someone like Kipper2k could make something about, just my idea, but those plastic cases made to fit have to be expensive.

I read somewhere that someone was making a case for it, thats why i never give it much thought. A 3D printed case may not look polished but it would be relatively cheap unless someone orders a molded extruded case in mass. I couldn't bear the thought of having a unprotected expensive board sticking out the side for already stated reasons.

I haven't actually unpacked my 3D printer yet from its move (and i have promised to make some fittings for people which i haven't forgot about). Time at the moment for me is something that i don't appear to have a lot of. If someone wants to create a 3d model (STL) of a case that will work i'll be happy to help. I don't have the board so i don't know spacings, etc
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