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You know I've no idea if you can make an adapter for the different angusses... There's only 512k on the German motherboard anyway.

Kipper's ram board doesn't use the processor slot. You've got to pull the old CPU out, plug the board in its place, then plug the CPU on top of that.

But given it's a 2000, and a weirdo 2000 at that, we dunno if it'd physically fit.

Still, if you want the monitor and all the stuff it comes with, go for it. You might drop onto a decent motherboard later, or find another cheap machine...

But you've still never told us exactly what stuff it comes with. A monitor, and...?
Keyboard, mouse, hundreds of disks (many originals according to the guy) couple joysticks, extra uninstalled floppy drives (working). Nothing too special, but stuff that would really cost to ship and would likely be useful for any other system. That's interesting about the ram board - is the physical issue the case or the shape of the mb itself?
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