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Originally Posted by andyhants View Post
ok thanks I'll give that a try. Looking ahead if as you say it is better to use say IE t odownlaod demos is it then standard pactice to do this - Ie download using Windows then do the PROTECT ... +rwed thing?

So in otherwords am I being stupid in thinking I can downloads of Demos & Mods (for example) in a native Amig enviornemnt and I should just go with IT as that is what everyone does? Poeut seems a really good site to standardise on for new Amiga demos / mods but is it the case that pretty much everyone uses a Windows browser to downlaod firstly?

I don't want to keep hassling everyone with my 'noob' type questions but it seems to me there must be a simpler way of reliably downlaoding demoes etc for the Amiga?

Thanks again

Of course you can download Amiga files using a Windows browser or FTP client.

A lot of the time, if you are seeking demos, for example, or other floppy-based programs such as games, the file will be a disk image (.ADF, .DMS, .WRP, .ADZ, etc.), which you can use in emulation or write the image to a floppy disk for use with your Amiga.

Also, sometimes it will be an Amiga-based archive (.LZX, LHA, etc), which you can extract on your Amiga or in emulation using the appropriate dearchiving tool so that the attributes will be preserved.

Incidentally, there is a command-line version of the 7ZIP archiver for the Amiga which you could have used to extract the NetsurfAGA archive on your Amiga, but the attributes would only be preserved if the archive had originally been produced in an Amiga environment, and there is no guarantee of that with files having a 7ZIP extension which are far more commonly produced using a PC.
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