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That's a clean looking machine..
Looks to be an early-ish 2000, so it might have the original Agnus.
If it does, it means that when you run PAL games, you will be running them in NTSC mode and that isn't good.. I wouldn't say 80% won't run, but it's not where you want to be..

You really want to be able to flip to PAL mode..
Of course, if it did have the old Agnus, you could pretty easily swap it out. It should be pretty cheap, if you can't find someone who has one..
But, if you're going to swap out the Agnus and Kickstart (not required, but the early boot menu to swap to PAL and the autobooting for CF is very nice), you might want to start adding up what it will cost to get you to where you want to be..

That said, if it's a good deal and local, it might still be worth it, as shipping on those monitors is usually a killer..

I'm not familiar with the 2000's so I'm not sure where the Agnus chip is, but from those pics, I'm guessing under the floppy drive. That would make it tricky to tell easily what it has..

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