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Originally Posted by andyhants View Post
Hi all

Hope someone can please help. I have downloaded the NetSurfAGA Beta from the Zone and am trying to install it but not getting very far. It seems the Beta is a WINRaR archive as this is the only utility that recognises it.

So I've unRAR'ed it in Windows and copied to an AMiKit directory. All I get is a single file 'NetsurfAGA' of 517348 bytes in size. When I try to run it (clicking it in DOpus, not giving any arguments) it brings up a Shell Window but then just goes stright back to the Shell prompt with nothing happening.

Can someone please help me to explain what I have to do to install the Beta? BTW I'm running under AmiKit 1.6.6 in WINUAE if that helps.
Hi Andy,

The NetSurfAGA Beta in The Zone Is a 7ZIP archive, which as you have seen will extract using WinRAR.

The NetsurfAGA file inside the archive is an Amiga executable file comprising the installer.

Because you have extracted the file with WinRAR, the file's special Amiga attributes, or "protection bits" will not have been preserved, so will need to be restored to be able to run the program properly.

When you have completed the transfer of the program file to your Amiga, open a shell (CLI), navigate to the directory where you copied the NetsurfAGA file and type:
PROTECT NetsurfAGA +rwed

This will restore the readable, writable, executable and deletable protections bits (the defauklt attributes for an executable file), and you should now be able to install the application.
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