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Trying to install NetSurfAGA Beta

Hi all

Hope someone can please help. I have downloaded the NetSurfAGA Beta from the Zone and am trying to install it but not getting very far. It seems the Beta is a WINRaR archive as this is the only utility that recognises it.

So I've unRAR'ed it in Windows and copied to an AMiKit directory. All I get is a single file 'NetsurfAGA' of 517348 bytes in size. When I try to run it (clicking it in DOpus, not giving any arguments) it brings up a Shell Window but then just goes stright back to the Shell prompt with nothing happening.

Can someone please help me to explain what I have to do to install the Beta? BTW I'm running under AmiKit 1.6.6 in WINUAE if that helps.

Also as a related question the reason I'm trying the Beta is although I really want to try to use an Amiga based browser the only one that seems to work anywhere near as seamlessly as a Windows Broswer like IE is the current NetSurf distributed with AmiKit but even then it seems to have serious limitations. Any pulldown windows in websites are inaccessible and I also can't seem to be able to configure NetSurf at all. It also seems to want rename anything I try to download. Is this normal? At the moment I am reluctantly coming to the conclusion that browsing in the native Amiga environment is too much of a pain and I might as well 'cheat' and just use IE to download direct into my AmiKit directories. I would much prefer to stay in the Amiga environment if I can just get a sensible browsing experience that allows me to do simple things like use pulldown windows and download things simply / reliably.

Many thanks to anyone who can help with my requests above.

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