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Originally Posted by Critic View Post
A 2000 with standard 1.3 kickstart should be able to play just about anything the 500 could, correct?
Yep. They're basically the exact same hardware, except that the 2000 has Zorro slots.

I see that there were some accelerator cards suggested that might be worthwhile for this system - how rare/expensive are these? are there any decent modern options for the 2000?
Accelerators for the 500/2000 go for pretty cheap since all the fanatics prefer an ECS or AGA system. For a real performance boost, you'll want something with on-board RAM, but even, say, a Supra Turbo 28 will make an improvement as long as you've got a few MB of fast RAM in the system.

So it seems that the display is likely to cause me the most issues. How long can I expect this 1084 to last if it is currently in working condition? What are the most common problems with them?
I can't speak to common problems, because every 1084 I've owned has worked like new! They're built well.
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