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I made GOALnew because in original Goal! the lineups are destroyed. The intended forward plays in the back, the fullback up front and so on (as example).

I tried to correct this as good as I can and still preserve the intended original lineups.

Now the Goal! lineups are mostly not the way the teams played in real life. So I made GOALnew disk 3 the way I think the teams played in real life. It´s all the same players of course, but a little different in tactics. This is just for soccer fans. So disk 3 = same teams but different lineups.

I also tried to correct the tactic files, because for example in original Goal! the left winger in 4-3-3 always strays to the centre and the centre forward swaps to the left. I corrected problems like that and like players swapping in defense and so on.

GOALnew is a corrected Goal! 1.1, it´s not changed, just corrected.

See these images:
Goal! 1.1, Roma, the playmaker number 10 plays as defender, look at numbers on the right:

GOALnew, corrected, see the difference:

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