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Originally Posted by SS454 View Post
It's not mate. Games run in low res, which it can handle. But it's still a braindead upscaler so mangles the pixels at anything above that.
Again, while I believe that is true, the actual judgement on whether or not that affect is a problem is very user specific. Some people hate it.. Others don't mind.
I've said it before and I'll say again, it's no Indivision, but I don't mind it at all and think it's fine for the price.. There are other people who feel that way. And there are other people who hate them. That's why I posted that video link...
(That said, I DO prefer my 1084s.. But that's more about CRT vs LCD)
Originally Posted by SS454 View Post
You will still have PAL/NTSC problems with the actual machine. Agnus is different, and the clock speeds. I don't know how successful forcing a 2000/500 into a different region mode is. The 3000 just has a jumper for it.
That's a good point...
You need newer Agnus to be able to switch to PAL on an NTSC machine (or vice versa), however "newer" is a relative term. ;-) That's the FAT (not fatter) Agnus I believe..
There is software that you can use to switch to PAL, or if you have Kickstart 3.x (only 3.x?) you can do that in the early boot menu...
The A2000 might already have that Agnus, but I'm not sure how you'd tell without looking at the chip..
My A500 came with the 1M Agnus in it, so I could do that.
The clock speed issue can't easily be fixed. Games run at different speeds.
That said, it's something I was used to from using my A1200 to play PAL games back in the day, so it's what I'm used to.. ;-)

Originally Posted by SS454 View Post
To use the CF slot, you will need a ROM upgrade to 2.05.
That is for the autoboot, although you should be able to use the CF card with a 1.3 ROM if you have a boot floppy that manually loads the scsi.device that supports it, shouldn't you???

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