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Originally Posted by Critic View Post
Will I be crucified for saying that the display from the GBS looks fine, borderline good? Thanks for showing me that. It certainly seems like a viable option.
It's not mate. Games run in low res, which it can handle. But it's still a braindead upscaler so mangles the pixels at anything above that.

Originally Posted by Critic View Post
When RGB is being run through that to VGA I won't encounter PAL/NTSC issues, correct? That's a real killer for me. It is very difficult to get anything PAL to work on the displays available without spending 150$ on a decent upconverter (and in that case you need a pal system, which I don't believe this is).
You will still have PAL/NTSC problems with the actual machine. Agnus is different, and the clock speeds. I don't know how successful forcing a 2000/500 into a different region mode is. The 3000 just has a jumper for it.

The 1084 that comes with it can handle both PAL and NTSC modes.

Originally Posted by Critic View Post
Am i better off buying an original amiga mouse or going for a PS/2 to Amiga adapter? Amigakit seems to sell a ton of cool stuff that I could use to refine this system. Also, would the RAM expansion cards that kipper sells ( ) work on a stock 2000? Do I need to add my own ram chips to this? Would that be sufficient to run WHDload games from a CF card?
I'd be surprised if the 2000 didn't have a mouse already. But Either PS/2 converter or a proper one should be fine. Some don't like the commodore tank design (i don't) but there are others. The amiga technologies one is still available new on ebay and stuff for under £20, last I looked.

That new expansion card of Kipper's looks a beast! 4 or 8 mb, built in IDE compact flash...

No, you won't need to add ram chips. All his stuff is ready made. The only thing is that card, hmm, I don't know if it will mechanically fit the 2000, even he doesn't. It probably needs a simple adapter, which you could build even from components, if you feel like soldering (it is easy!)

To be honest that board needs a couple wires soldering to motherboard anyway. So not a big problem to build a passive adapter.

To use the CF slot, you will need a ROM upgrade to 2.05. 3.1 would also work, but it is noticeably slower. They built A2000s for years and years, so it might already have it. Anything after 1990 should.

So that card + homemade adapter + (maybe) new rom chip will be enough for WHDLoad, but does not solve the NTSC issue.

I think switching between PAL/NTSC is going to be the bigger issue. It is easier depending on Agnus chip version, others can tell you all about it.
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