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Originally Posted by Critic View Post
When RGB is being run through that to VGA I won't encounter PAL/NTSC issues, correct?
The only "issues" I have with PAL/NTSC is making sure the screen is centered properly. I think on one of them, I have a bit of space at the bottom of the screen, but I might have fixed that playing with the controls on the GBS. I don't recall it bothering me recently, so I either fixed it or ignore it. ;-)

I do have some white dots on the screen sometimes. I only notice it with dark screens, and even then not too much. (Not sure if it might be the cheapo walwart power supply I'm using. I've heard of people have issues with cheap power supplies)
It's not perfect, but for the money, I'm happy with it.
I'd be much happier with an Indivision MK2, but my wallet wouldn't be.. ;-)
There are some people tho who haven't had good experiences, so YMMV.

As for Amigakit, they are evil!! It's because of them that my wallet is as empty as it is!!!!! Stay away!!
Unless you want to buy kual stuff for you Amiga and support a great company. ;-)

I'd check with Kipper (there is a thread here for his RAM/CF card in the Hardware section) on the 2000 compatibility. I don't see why it wouldn't work, but not sure...
You don't need to add your own RAM chips. 8M is plenty for virtually all WHDLoad games. 4M is plenty for almost all of them really..


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