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One issue with the s-video adapters is that you have the same NTSC/PAL issues that you would have with composite. That can be a REAL PAIN. That's the main reason to have a true monitor (or RGB to VGA solution that scales up).

As for the flyback, it can be replaced, but I think it's not easy to get the part anymore.. Easier to get another monitor.

(If you don't want to buy a DB23, you can take a DB25 (much easier to find or probably have one lying around) and cut it up to make it fit the DB23)
p.s. Here's a post with some pics: (not mine)
(ooohhh.. Those aren't good pics.. bad example.. but he says that in the post... ;-)
Ah, better. Here's a vid.. [ Show youtube player ]
(Funny, it's on an Amiga 3000, which doesn't need one.. ;-)
Will I be crucified for saying that the display from the GBS looks fine, borderline good? Thanks for showing me that. It certainly seems like a viable option. When RGB is being run through that to VGA I won't encounter PAL/NTSC issues, correct? That's a real killer for me. It is very difficult to get anything PAL to work on the displays available without spending 150$ on a decent upconverter (and in that case you need a pal system, which I don't believe this is). I think I am sold on this system. I will eventually upgrade to a 1200 so i can play AGA games, but for now I think I will have a ton of fun fiddling about with it.

Am i better off buying an original amiga mouse or going for a PS/2 to Amiga adapter? Amigakit seems to sell a ton of cool stuff that I could use to refine this system. Also, would the RAM expansion cards that kipper sells ( ) work on a stock 2000? Do I need to add my own ram chips to this? Would that be sufficient to run WHDload games from a CF card?

I really appreciate you guys answering my endless barrage of questions. This is a great forum, and I hope to be able to contribute once I learn enough about my system!

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