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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
but it really seems you get the same using an scart cable the kind Amigakit sells.
Yep. but not all of us have SCART as an option...

As for my GBS, sorry no good pics handy.
I have this one:

That shows a bit of it running LED STORM (doesn't show off anything good), but I centered on the GBS itself.
Also, ignore the wire going into the A520. I used that initially (gutted it for it's DB23) until I bought a DB23 just for the GBS.
Now I have my Amigamaniac s-video adapter in the A520. ;-)

One issue with the s-video adapters is that you have the same NTSC/PAL issues that you would have with composite. That can be a REAL PAIN. That's the main reason to have a true monitor (or RGB to VGA solution that scales up).

As for the flyback, it can be replaced, but I think it's not easy to get the part anymore.. Easier to get another monitor.

(If you don't want to buy a DB23, you can take a DB25 (much easier to find or probably have one lying around) and cut it up to make it fit the DB23)
p.s. Here's a post with some pics: (not mine)
(ooohhh.. Those aren't good pics.. bad example.. but he says that in the post... ;-)
Ah, better. Here's a vid.. [ Show youtube player ]
(Funny, it's on an Amiga 3000, which doesn't need one.. ;-)

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