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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
My 1084s is still going strong, so how long?? Who knows...
That said, I have a spare one.. ;-)

As for most common problem, the dreaded flyback transformer. When that blows, it's basically adios monitor.. ;-(

Also, some people have had broken power buttons, which they usually fix by wiring ON all the time and using a power strip to turn it on/off..

As for the GBS, it's not incredible, but unless you are very exacting, it's not bad for $30. ;-)
It's not Indivision by any stretch, but did I mention it's $30.. ;-)
You get what you pay for..

Another option would be an RGB to s-video adapter (is Kipper2k still selling the ones he makes, he's in Canada..).
I have an Amiga s-video adapter and the quality is really really good (yeah, not RGB, but it's good), but that means you need an s-video device..
Note: some commodore monitors (1701/1084s, at least some models) take s-video via 2 RCA jacks, so you just need a cable adapter.. Of course, if you have a 1084s, you shouldn't need s-video with it.. ;-)

Hey Desiv,

Thanks for replying. It seems the consensus on the GBS ranges from unusable to *decent* and decent is really all I need. Does anyone have a picture of one of those running on a standard LCD monitor? I replaced a flyback on an arcade CRT i had quite a while back, is the board itself removable from the monitor or would you have to work around it? (I'm not skilled enough for that). I have a decent TV with s-video, does Kipper run a store or should I PM him to see if he has any available?

Thanks again!

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