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Originally Posted by Critic View Post
So it seems that the display is likely to cause me the most issues. How long can I expect this 1084 to last if it is currently in working condition? What are the most common problems with them?!
My 1084s is still going strong, so how long?? Who knows...
That said, I have a spare one.. ;-)

As for most common problem, the dreaded flyback transformer. When that blows, it's basically adios monitor.. ;-(

Also, some people have had broken power buttons, which they usually fix by wiring ON all the time and using a power strip to turn it on/off..

As for the GBS, it's not incredible, but unless you are very exacting, it's not bad for $30. ;-)
It's not Indivision by any stretch, but did I mention it's $30.. ;-)
You get what you pay for..

Another option would be an RGB to s-video adapter (is Kipper2k still selling the ones he makes, he's in Canada..).
I have an Amiga s-video adapter and the quality is really really good (yeah, not RGB, but it's good), but that means you need an s-video device..
Note: some commodore monitors (1701/1084s, at least some models) take s-video via 2 RCA jacks, so you just need a cable adapter.. Of course, if you have a 1084s, you shouldn't need s-video with it.. ;-)


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